Musashino Academia Musicae (English)

Musashino Academia Musicae

A Diligent Study of the Musical Arts and Personal Development

Our School Ethos and Educational Philosophy

“Spirit of Harmony” is the school ethos of Musashino Academia Musicae and our educational philosophy is “A Diligent Study of the Musical Arts” along with “Personal Development”.

 In 1929, when music education was still in its infancy in Japan, Naoaki Fukui, who was passionate about the expansion and improvement of music education, founded this school along with the “harmony” of many associates, faculty members and students who agreed with his educational ideals. The school has also established a consistent philosophy since its founding of “A Diligent Study of the Musical Arts” and “Personal Development”, based on the founder's belief that the pursuit of profound musical beauty and the formation of a rich personality are things that can be mutually improved.

 In addition to that philosophy and ethos, all school personnel daily adhere to the “3P Principles” - Propriety, Purity and Punctuality.